Go MAD Giveaway

Andy Gilbert, Group Managing Director of Go MAD Thinking, entered the Poker Face TV quiz show to demonstrate the power of the Go MAD Thinking System. From over 10,000 people he successfully made the final three. Now he has decided to make a difference and give away his £65,000 prize winnings to help 1,000 people with £65 each.

However, you cannot ask for money to help yourself or support other charity fundraising, religious or political activities. This blog is about challenging you to use your thinking skills to make a positive difference, preferably sustainable, and help others to "Pay It Forward". What difference could you make? Please post your requests and comments.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

That's all for now - £65,000 given or allocated

After 18 months of giving away £65,000, over half the money has been given to others and the remaining £30,000 has been allocated to a project to help over 30,000 people make a difference in 2010 (more details about this in 2009 when it is launched).

The giveaway has been great fun for me and has helped hundreds of people to have fun, be inspired and make a difference to help others. I would like to thank everyone who has played a part in some way in this giveaway and hope you continue making a difference.

It has tested people's thinking to consider how only £65 could make a difference to someone else and challenged me to consider what the most worthy causes are to support.

If you happen to have found this blog by chance, I would encourage you to read and enjoy the hundreds of comments, requests and postings that people have made. It might just provoke your thinking - which, after all, was the purpose!

That's all for now.

Enjoy life, be solution focused and keep making a difference.

Andy G

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Do you want a medal or will £65 make a difference?

What a fantastic result for team GB - 19 Gold Medals in the Olympic games. Whilst watching them, I often thought about the effort and personal commitment that top athletes give in order to achieve success once every four years.

What about the support that is given by the coaches and people in the background who get much less recognition?

Who do you know that is perhaps an unsung hero, having given years of commitment to helping others, and deserves a medal? Would £65 put a smile on their face? What would they do with it to help themself or others?

Come on, help me in finding 19 people worthy of a medal and let's surprise them.

Andy G

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Kickstart your thinking

The thoughts we have and the assumptions we make can easily limit the actions we take and ultimately the results we achieve. We can kickstart our thinking through the use of high quality questions, for example: What is the greatest difference I could make to help others with £65?

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Choosing to be happy on the inside

Having just returned from a holiday in the Med. to mixed weather in the UK, I attended an open air concert last night - in the rain. Despite the weather on the outside, all was sunny on the inside as the company of good friends and the great music more than compensated.

It did get me thinking, as I looked around the crowd, that many of the audience had chosen to be miserable because of something external they couldn't control, ie the weather, rather than choosing to react in a helpful way and have a great time.

We can all make a difference to ourselves or others. We can choose to say, "It's only £65 - I can't do much with that." Or we choose to think, "What difference can I make with £65 to help someone else?

Keep sending your requests.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Giving people a pleasant surprise

Last night, my wife and I travelled to a friends house for what my wife thought was going to be an evening meal for just the four of us. Upon opening the living room door she was totally surprised that the rest of the Go MAD Thinking team were there for a surprise birthday party.

It is really great to see the look on people's faces when they are pleasantly surprised.

So what surprise could you give to someone who is least expecting it? It doesn't have to cost money to make a difference.

Put a smile on someone's face.

Sunday, 25 May 2008

The purpose of our life is to be happy!

And last week, for my birthday, I was very happy to give £650 to 10 deserving people.

This weekend I have just returned from hearing the Dalai Lama give a series of lectures and question/answer sessions about important aspects of our lives - mainly about practising compassion, contentment, mental calmness, and being happy. As well as being an incredibly wise man he also had a real sense of pragmatism and a fantastic sense of humour as evidenced in his response to the audience question, "I am scared of dying - what should I do?" His answer, "Take care of your body - and avoid extreme sports!"

His equally pragmatic answer to the question, "How do I live an ethical life?" was, "Help others and, if you can't, restrain from harming them."

For me, maintaining my happiness includes helping others and encouraging people to make a difference - both for themselves and others.

What differences can you make that will help your level of happiness?

Sunday, 18 May 2008

It's my birthday - have a present!

Happy birthday,

I tend to celebrate being alive and the good things in life pretty much everyday. So for me, birthdays are just another great day. However, having opened my birthday cards and presents this morning, I thought it would be nice to give a few presents, of £65, this week to people who feel they deserve it. So imagine it is your birthday and you received £65, what would you like to spend it on?

For this week only, you can nominate yourself to receive £65. Just tell me the reason why you feel you deserve it and how you would spend it.

Next week I will pick a few worthy winners.